Economic blockade of Manipur continues

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Imphal, June 3 (ANI): Severely hit by the ongoing economic blockade, Manipur is running on empty in the face of an acute fuel shortage that has brought life in the region to a virtual standstill.

The people already burdened by the scarcity of essential commodities like food and medicines, are stung by the fuel crisis.

Thousands of two-wheelers, cars, trucks and buses have been queuing up at outlets across Manipur to receive their "share" of fuel.

Due to this, roads in Imphal have been perpetually clogged since the last few days.

Fuel (petrol and diesel) is being rationed by the state government's distribution system, and is available only at a few selected outlets in Manipur. Under the distribution plan, called with effect from May 26, the maximum quantity that a four-wheeler can get is ten litres of fuel while a two-wheeler is provided with just five litres.

"It will cause more problems for the public if such distribution takes place after an interval of 10 or more days. In terms of essential commodities, and in the agricultural works, absence of diesel has stopped the process of cultivation work. Even the movement of vehicles is also severely restricted," said L. Kunjakeshwor Singh, a resident.

The fuel crisis has been spiralled by the state government's inability to import essential commodities as well as petroleum products along the National Highways 39 and 53 due to the ongoing economic blockade.

The present situation shows little sign of improvement, with some media reports suggesting that the present stock of essential commodities would last only for a few more days.

"The people of Manipur are suffering a lot. They are not getting food items and fuels caused by the prolonged economic blockade. Had the government reconstructed the National Highway-53, there would not have been any such problems. The government must deliver all essential commodities to the people now, by hook or crook, by airlifting food, medicines and fuel," said Abungcha K, another resident.

The cost of petrol has reached Rs. 120 to Rs. 150 a litre, and a filled gas cylinder is costing an exorbitant Rs. 1,500. (ANI)

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