Naga cuisine is a runaway hit at Bangalore restaurant

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Bangalore, May 22 (ANI): In India,food varies from region to region in a staggering manner, but this helps bring people together.

Nagaland is quite popular among food lovers in Bangalore.

Providing exposure to cuisine, music and culture of the northeast.

A private cafi in Bangalore has been organizing a series of events to create a space for discourse on the northeast region, through food festivals and musical evenings.

Recently, it organized a Naga food festival for residents of the city.

Cooked by authentic Naga chefs, the delicious cuisine was served in buffet style.

"It is very different, the food we have here, it is quite spicy, it was properly steamed and none of us had tasted the Naga food before, so it is nice to taste," said Yogita, a visitor.

"Well I would say that it's a great opportunity for us to have home food at Bangalore, and we must appreciate the Ants have done things and made it possible that we could have our own food and not only Nagas but we can share it with the Bangalore people also and it is good to be connected with people also," said Aranth, a visitor.

Smoked meat and fish, pork meat with bamboo shoot, Vunenuo or Special stew chicken were some of the Naga dishes that were appreciated in the southern city.

The Nagas in Bangalore city also enjoyed the feast.

The cafi has plans for more such events to popularize the cuisine, music and culture of northeast.

"Based on the response of people, eventually it is our plan to serve the Northeastern food here. This time it's Naga, likewise there are other states also like Manipur, Mizoram, Assam, so they have their indigenous cuisines and we would like to showcase them," said Pradip, an organizer

"I think it's like a second home to us, because we are able to have same food. I think people should try to come out more of their homes because when they come out more they see things outside their home and learn a lot about different cultures," said Asan, a visitor.

The cultural diversity of India is amazing. It is this variety that is a special hallmark of the country. What is even more amazing is how India celebrates this diversity with great enthusiasm. (ANI)

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