Mohammad Hassan of Chennai , expert in cellphone repairing despite disability

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Chennai, May 13 (ANI): A specially-abled person from Kolathur near Chennai city has turned an inspiration for many people in the town.

K. Mohammad Hassan, 33 is unable to use his hands, and does his work by using his feet. He has learnt repair of cellular phones . "Most of the handicapped feel they are unable to do any work. They do not usually come out of their houses to work. I have come out of depression and boldly started a cell phone repair business. I want to be an example before others to come out of depression and show their inborn traits and talents," said K Mohammed Hassan, specially-abled entrepreneur in Chennai.

Hassan's parents, at the time of his birth, noticed that his arms were malfunctioning. Nonetheless, the poor parents reared him within the four walls of their abode with utmost care.

Once grown up, Hassan decided to explore his latent talent. He learnt the intricacies of cellular phone technology by himself.

Much to the admiration of his customers and even the traders in the vicinity of his shop, Hassan now uses even hand tools such as soldering iron, de-soldering pump and a blower with his legs to service assorted handsets.

Today, Hassan's talent is appreciated by his customers.

"Hassan is a hard worker. He's not dependent on government schemes for the handicapped. He has started the cellular phone business and has proved his talent. So everybody likes him. He is very good in repair work of cellular (mobile) phones", said Kanakaraj, a customer.

His expertise has also earned him kudos from the society. Many other disabled hope to to follow his example. By Arun Kannan (ANI)

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