US law to revoke citizenship of terror suspects

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Washington, May 7: In the wake of the arrest of a Pakistani-American in connection with the attempted Times Sqaure bombing case, a group of US lawmakers introduced a legislation to enable the government to revoke the citizenship of those who attack the US or its allies.

Terrorism Expatriation Act was on Friday, May 7 introduced in the Congress.

The bipartisan legislation will also allow the state department to revoke the citizenship of people who provide support to terrorist groups like al-Qaeda.

"Under the terrorist expatriation act, the state department would be able to revoke the citizenship of an American who affiliates with a foreign terrorist organization or who fights against our country," Senator Joe Lieberman said at a press conference.

The legislation came after Faisal Shahzad, a US citizen of Pakistani descent was arrested for the New York bomb plot.

However, Lieberman informed, "This proposal if adopted cannot apply to Faisal Shahzad because that would be the retroactive application of a law, which would not be appropriate or constitutional."

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate also saw the introduction of identical bills.

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