Giant airship can carry 1,000 pounds of payloads up to 20,000-ft above Earth

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Washington, May 6 (ANI): A 235-foot prototype Bullet Airship, called The Bullet 580, can carry 1,000 pounds of payloads up to 20,000 feet above Earth.

The inflatable airship, which has a helium-filled tanker and an inner hull filled with ambient air, can fly heavy instruments to high altitudes and remote locations, or serve as an eye-in-the-sky. It will be inflated later this month, for the first time ever.

The airship, a pioneering technological innovation in a long time, will be used as a sky based platform to relay communications and to keep watch on oil spills, forest fires or even pirates at sea.

"We're kind of like a truck in the sky that can have different types of payloads for different requirements," Discovery News quoted Mike Lawson as saying. Lawson is the chief executive of Alabama-based E-Green Technologies.

"The bags expand as we go up in altitude," said Lawson. "If you hit a hard landing with any of our airships, it's just going to kind of bounce. (ANI)

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