Osama may be living comfortably in Iran

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New York, May 4 (ANI): Elusive Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden may be leading a comfortable existence surrounded by his wives and children and protected by the Iran Revolutionary Guards.

According to a new documentary movie made by leading falconer, Alan Parrot titled 'Feathered Cocaine' Osama is not living in a dank cave nor is he looking for ways to evade his potential captors.

Parrot is one of the world's top falconers and has worked for the Shah of Iran.

Owing to his rich experience as a falconer and proximity to the royal family, Parrot has cultivated influential contacts.

One of those contacts, described as a warlord from the north of Iran and disguised in a balaclava, reveals in the film that he has met Bin Laden six times on hunting trips inside Iran since March 2003 Fox News reports.

He claims Osama is relaxed and healthy and so comfortable that "he travels with only four bodyguards."

Their last confirmed meeting was in 2008, "There may have been more since then, but I haven't talked to my source since we left Iran," says Parrot.

To prove his case, Parrot said he managed to get the telemetry setting for the falcons Bin Laden was flying, and he provided them to the U.S. Government.

"They could locate him to a one-square-mile area using those unique signals"' he said. He says the government never contacted him for a follow up.

Former CIA agent Robert Baer, an outspoken critic of U.S. policy in the Middle East, seconds Parrot's story in the documentary. He was a onetime Middle East operative.

He reaffirmed Parrot's theory, pointing out that falconry is extremely important is to the vastly wealthy, and how Parrot's position gave him a unique lens on that world. He also claimed that the proceeds from the falcon sales are used in a large part to fund Al Qaeda. (ANI)

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