Brit kids feel safer in mum's taxi than when dad is behind the wheel!

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Melbourne, April 30 (ANI): Most British children prefer being in mum's taxi than when dad is behind the wheel, says a survey.

The British Guild of Experienced Motorists survey found that a lot of children feel their fathers drive too fast.

Apparently, six out of 10 children aged five to 16 are happier and more relaxed when their mother is driving.

The survey claimed that 39 per cent of the kids were too scared to comment when their fathers drove rashly. Only 26 per cent asked dad to slow down and 22 per cent gripped the seat nervously.

On the other hand, 70 per cent of children said their mums happily sang their heart out while driving and 52 per cent said they talked non-stop to keep the family entertained.

Meanwhile, Australian road safety campaigner Russell White insists there is a difference between the way men and women drive.

"Women are more neutral in their views of the external environment while men are more aggressive. It's one of the reasons kids get car sick," the Couriermail quoted him, as saying.

He added: "Kids exposed to poor driving copy that behaviour. They are a product of their parents.

"They watch everything that is going on and those seeds that are planted early come to fruit in their teens." (ANI)

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