Snakes are a family to Sunder of Karnataka

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B R Hills (Karnataka), April 20 (ANI): A snake lover in B R Hills region of Karnataka is a unique attraction for people here, as following his love for reptiles he doesn't hesitate even kissing dangerous snakes.

Sunder, an astrologer by profession, has a deep interest in snakes and is often called 'Snake Sunder' for his affection for the reptiles.

The 43-year-old learnt the art of catching poisonous snakes from his father and grandfather. Though he claims to have captured more than 15,000 snakes, he never killed any of them.

So strong is his love for the reptiles that he doesn't think twice even while kissing on the head of snakes like King Cobra, one of the most dangerous snakes in the world whose venom is so potent that one bite's poison is enough to kill 40 people.

"No animal is dangerous, I believe that humans are much more dangerous than animals. If we love animals, they also express the same in return. I handle these snakes very carefully and shower love on them. In return, they show their affection to me," Sunder said.

Sunder has been bitten by snakes on many occasions but he says that his self-prepared Ayurvedic medicine helps him heal his wounds.

"I have been bitten by snakes many times but I apply an Ayurvedic medicine which I prepare myself, whenever a snake bites me, I apply it. Even I have a stone which removes poison, and I use these two whenever I am bitten," he said.

Snakes are regarded as playthings in Sunder's family, as even his four-year-old son plays fearlessly with the reptiles.

B R Hills is snake-prone region in Chamarajnagar district of the Karnataka. By Jaipal Sharma (ANI)

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