Musharraf must be brought back and tried in Benazir assassination case: Pak editorial

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Islamabad, Apr.20 (ANI): Now, that the United Nations (UN) inquiry report over former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's assassination is out and it clearly lays the blame on the then military ruler General Pervez Musharraf and his cronies, the time has come for the incumbent Pakistan People's Party (PPP) government to launch prosecution proceedings against the former President for the crime.

The international community, and more than that the Pakistanis are waiting to for their government's next step in this regard.

While the Gilani government, in a steadfast move, has charged some of the officials named in the UN probe report, it is yet to disclose as to how it would take action against the 'big fish' Musharraf, who is currently enjoying an international hiatus in London.

Demands for Musharraf's trial have once again gained momentum with the tabling of the probe report, and an editorial in a Pakistani daily also stressed that Musharraf and his knowledge of the security or lack thereof needs to be interrogated in detail.

"It would be unacceptable if Musharraf were to be feted like Altaf Hussain and enjoy immunity from investigation in Britain," an editorial in The Daily Times said.

"If Musharraf is found culpable, no leniency should be shown to a man who left the country devastated because of martial rule and who may be responsible for the death of not just a party leader, but also a former Prime Minister," it added.

The editorial said that the government should not hesitate from taking stern action against Musharraf and should adopt every possible method to bring the 'dictator', who has labelled the UN fact finding commission's report as a 'laughable document.'

"If proved guilty, the government has its own ways of extracting wanted personal from foreign shores. The issuance of red warrants to Interpol to bring back Musharraf cannot be ruled out," it went on to add.

The editorial pointed out that the government might be hesitant from taking action against Musharraf fearing a reaction from the Pakistan Army, but stressed that such fears must not be allowed to overtake indispensable actions.

"There are already voices claiming that hauling in Musharraf would annoy the military establishment. The government should not be deterred by such doomsayers. Whilst democracy may be the greatest revenge, nothing tastes sweeter than justice served," it said. (ANI)

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