Ethnic Tibetans distrust China more after quake

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Jiegu (China), Apr.18 (ANI): Despite outward signs of Chinese Government largesse and ethnic unity, the latest earthquake has exposed stubborn tensions between Beijing and Tibetans.

The earthquake in the Qinghai Plateau, which claimed over 1400 lives, has left most Tibetans more distrustful of the Chinese, even as the struggle to maintain Tibetan autonomy and cultural identity continues in a now Han-dominated region.

The Chinese soldiers in the affected region are reportedly availing of every opportunity to acquire mileage from the disaster, much to the disgust of Buddhist monks who have played a lead role in rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

"You won't see the cameras while we are working," the New York Times quoted a monk, Ga Tsai, as saying in Sichuan Province.

"We want to save lives. They see this tragedy as an opportunity to make propaganda," he added.hina's leadership has treated the quake as a dual emergency - a humanitarian crisis almost three miles above sea level in remote Qinghai Province, and a fresh test of the Communist Party's ability to keep a lid on dissent among restive Tibetans.

President Hu Jintao has visited the Yushu area to supervise relief efforts.

The official state media prominently featured stories of grateful Tibetans receiving food and tents, and search and rescue specialists toiling to reach survivors even as they cope with altitude sickness.

The Dalai Lama, the Tibetan leader, who has not set foot in China since 1959, has issued a formal request to visit the disaster zone. It will most surely be denied. (ANI)

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