Mumbai residents cry foul over high milk price

Posted By: Staff
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Mumbai, April 11 (ANI): Many local residents in Mumbai were in for a shock on Sunday morning after learning about the newly hiked milk prices from Rs. 32 to Rs. 34.

Residents were furious that the government instead of reducing priced of essential commodities is covertly allowing the price hike.

"Today in the morning when I got to know about the hike in milk prices, I was quite shocked as prices of everything are increasing day by day. The problem is that although government claims that prices are decreasing but month after month prices are increasing. Milk used to be a bit cheap but now even its prices have increased. We are very nervous about this," said Chandrakant Godbole, a local resident.

Local residents fumed and said that although their votes form the government, no government ever works for their welfare.

"It becomes difficult to handle the monthly budget because earlier the monthly budget used to be 1,000 rupees but now even 5,000 rupees is not enough. There have been tremendous hikes in prices and that too not by one or two rupees, but almost 10-25 rupees. Is government doing anything or not? We have no clue of it. We cast our votes in favour of a government which can work for our welfare but no government ever thinks about our situations," said Veena Prabhu, another consumer. (ANI)

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