Maoists trap may not have been properly reckied: Sources

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New Delhi, Apr 6 (ANI): The trap hatched by the Maoists in Dantewada District of Chhattisgarh that killed over 80 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel on Tuesday morning might not have been properly reckied before carrying out the operation, said Home Ministry sources.

"Probably, the personnel were unsuspicious about the information gathered. The tragedy might have been avoided with cross checking of the intelligence, " sources said.

Today's attack is being described as the worst attack in the history of Maoist attacks in India, as over 80 CRPF personnel of the 67th battalion have been butchered in deep jungle of Dantewada.

It is being suspected that Maoists may have planned and worked out at length before drawing the forces into their trap.

"They (Naxals) are no ordinary criminals, they studied each and every elements of forces. They are well-equipped. Now they are able to calculate and predict movement of forces," said sources.ccording to the sources, information of a Naxal camp operating in the region was planted to draw forces into a trap.

All elements of ambush were used in this incident, sources said.

Over 150 personnel entered into the forest based on the information, guided by two special police officers.

Sources also said the CRPF would order a Court of Inquiry (CoI) into the incident to know what actually went wrong.

"Any lapse of information would only be known during court of inquiry," sources said. The CRPF is well trained, well led force and will continue all operations unless and until we restore law and order in all the areas," sources added.

The area was covered by hills at three places and Naxals started firing at personnel from hill tops, when personnel spread from their "original path" to take cover from fire, "pressure mines" and "jump mines" did the rest, the sources stated.

Apart from personnel an anti land mine vehicle (AMV) was also blown up in the incident. However, it could not be verified whether the AMV was moving the company or it was part of cover party.

According to sources, the company was well equipped with LMGs, SLRs, AK 47s, rocket launchers and all kinds of communication equipments, but did not specify how many types of equipment the Maoists looted.

Taking a lesson from the incident the Union Ministry is planning to restrict production, movement, use and reuse of materials, which are base for preparation of IEDs.o track the ambush well before entering into it, the forces will be provided with sound sensors, and night vision surveillance equipments. By Shreeraj Gudi (ANI)

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