Is China following a pattern of diplomatic manoeuvring after cooperation over Iran?

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New York, Apr 2(ANI): The Chinese Government has signalled that it may consider a new United Nations (UN) resolution on Iran sanctions, which has raised questions on whether Beijing is expecting something from the United States in return for its cooperation.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry officials have expressed "serious concern" about Tehran's nuclear program, and reiterated China's continuing preference for resolving the issue by "diplomatic means."

China's shift came after the meeting called by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany, the group of countries that has been pushing Iran to accept measures to ensure that its nuclear program is not aimed at building a bomb.

After the latest move, a bid to pressure Iran to verify that it is not trying to develop nuclear weapons, China is believed to be following a pattern of diplomatic maneuvering.

"The question now is, what does China want for this?" The Christian Science Monitor quoted Michael Doyle, a former UN official and an international relations expert at Columbia University, as saying.

Noting that Chinese President Hu Jintao will be in Washington later this month for United State President Barack Obama's nuclear security summit, Doyle said: "The Chinese know that [the US-China visit] will be a much wider discussion than just Iran."

The Chinese Government had earlier called for a healthy and steady development of bilateral ties.

"As long as the two sides stick to a strategic and long-term approach to our economic and trade ties and appropriately handle trade frictions through communication and consultation, we can find common grounds and shelf differences and constantly further the bilateral economic and trade relations," said Zhong Shan, Chinese Vice Commerce Minister. (ANI)

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