Delhi Doctors to separate Siamese twins

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New Delhi, Mar 31 (ANI): Ace surgeons in cooperation with specialists from other branches of medicine in New Delhi are planning to operate conjoined twins Sita and Gita so that they can look forward to lead normal lives.

Dr. Sanjeev Bagai, a renowned paediatrician and nephrology specialist of Batra Hospital disclosed this here on Tuesday.

Just over a year old, Sita and Gita are the unfortunate Siamese twins, hailing from Bihar.

Joined at the hips, the sisters have common reproductive/genital organs and a urinary tract. Their lower intestinal function is also common.

Dr. Bagai said that after the initial clinical examination they found a fair chance of the surgery being successful.

"Overall worldwide figures are about 25 to 40 percent as a chance of overall surviving. But we are hopeful just after the initial clinical examination that there would be a fair chance; it would be difficult to pin point a chance but a fair chance. We would be in a former position after 48 hours, once we get all the scans and everything through. We would then immaculate the plan as to what approach, what date, which are the...people would be working in teams, so whether it's a orthopaedic team, or a paediatric team or the neurology team, in which order and which sequence, we will then plan it," he added.

Subhash Mukhiya, father of the Siamese twins expressed his indebtedness to a doctor in Patna, and also the specialists of Batra Hospital.

Doctors in Patna refused to operate on the twins given the grave risk involved. But they did help the couple get in touch with Batra Hospital for help. Dr Ajay Kumar of a Patna hospital decided to bear the cost of the surgery. (ANI)

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