Typing tracker could spot paedophiles

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London, March 26 (ANI): Paedophiles trying to lure children through the web may be tracked down in future by the way they type on a keyboard.

Professor Roy Maxion from the Newcastle University has developed a technique to identify typists' age, sex and culture in just ten keystrokes.

Former Northumbria Police Detective chief inspector Phil Butler, who is the head of the universities CyberCrime and Computer Security department, explained how the system functions.

"Professor Maxion takes 50 people at a time and hooks their fingers up to electronic sensors, then videos, monitors and records their typing patterns, speeds and rhythms with a very accurate clock," the Sun quoted him as saying.

He added: "He can now identify anyone using a keyboard within a 95 per cent accuracy within ten keystrokes.

"As soon as you type ten numbers or letters he can work out your sex, your culture, your age and whether you have any hand injuries.

"In general women's typing tends to flow more and is a little quicker. You'd expect men's typing to be a little more heavy-handed and apparently that's the case.

"We're looking at the application of the research, particularly in relation to internet grooming. If children are talking to each other on Windows Live or MSN messenger, Microsoft might be able to see if there's an adult on there."

The CyberCrime and Computer Security department, which was formed last summer, believes the new technology could also be used to prevent fraud at devices such as cash machines. (ANI)

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