Pak-US civil nuke accord to remain a pipedream till terror havens eliminated : Editorial

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Islamabad, Mar.25 (ANI): Both the Pakistani political and military leadership have been boasting of coming down hard on extremists in the country citing examples of recent arrests of several top Taliban commanders, and have, in return, been pressing the United States for more military and financial aid, but Washington is far from convinced.

An editorial in one of Pakistan's leading English Dailies said that despite Islamabad's claims and statements from some of the top American diplomats acknowledging its action, the trust deficit between the two countries has not been bridged.

"Washington is not entirely convinced that Pakistan is totally committed to the war against militancy," the editorial in The News said.

It pointed out that unless Pakistan acts tough and dismantles terror safe havens based in Southern Punjab and extremists groups fighting a proxy war in Kashmir, Pakistan cannot win credibility in front of the international community.

The editorial said that there is a possible threat posed by the Taliban and other extremist groups of taking over Pakistan's nuclear weapons, which is a major cause of worry for the United States.

"The matter of groups based in southern Punjab has been raised more than once. New Delhi alleges 'jihadi' groups in Kashmir remain untouched. There is also the issue of possible terrorist acquisition of nuclear weapons. No matter how far-fetched the scenario, it lives on in US minds," it stated.

The editorial said. that unless Islamabad acts 'really' tough against militant organisations thriving on its soil , it would be very hard for it to seal any nuclear deal with the US.

"This will make the task of pushing any kind of deal involving nuclear technology through US Congress all the harder. What Pakistan needs to focus on for now is filling in the gap that xists in trust," it concluded. (ANI)

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