Spammers dodge botnet shutdowns

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London, March 20 (ANI): Hi-tech criminals continue to remain a menace despite a series of strikes against them by finding other routes to send spam, say experts.

Specialists found networks of hijacked computers, or botnets, that were dealt with arrests, net access cutoffs and infiltrating command systems.

But, despite falling response rates, the efforts have fallen short in gaining complete control over the spammers.So as far as impact on spam goes it has been minimal," The BBC quoted Rik Ferguson, a senior security analyst at Trend Micro, as saying.

A study by Professor Stefan Savage and colleagues at the University of California, San Diego, found that rates of spam and botnet have remained constant despite the increasing bids against these networks of hijacked home PCs.

Paul Sop, chief technology officer at security firm Prolexic, explained: "It is true that over the years spam campaigns have become less successful for certain age demographics in the USA and most of Europe, but not so much in Asia and developing countries."

He added: "What counts is not the amount of spam being sent, but how profitable/effective the campaign is. Smaller more targeted spam campaigns, especially phishing, are more effective."

Ferguson also pointed out: "Spam is not just about selling spurious bargains anymore...Most non-commercial spam these days is aimed solely to get you to click on a link, even out of curiosity. As soon as you click on that link, you're infected, most likely to become yet another botnet victim, have your identity and information stolen and go on to participate, all unknowingly in the infection of further victims." (ANI)

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