Footwear to treat diseases made in Bangalore

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Bangalore, Feb 23 (ANI): Doctors and footwear makers of Bangalore have come together to bring out unique footwear, which they say will be helpful in the treatment of diabetes, arthritis and nervous disorder.

The scientifically designed footwear can help patients of diabetes, vascular and endocrines problems, and also normal pains. It also helps in the treatment of arthritis and nervous disorders.

This specially designed footwear helps distribute the pressure to whole of the feet, instead to a single point. This in turn helps one to better his posture.

Nefeez Syed, a physiotherapist, who designs these special footwear said that a patient is referred by a doctor. All these are pooled and then the footwear is made.

"This works on a footwear. As you can see on the screen, the impression what we take is the impression of the footprint. So this tells me about where your foot is contoured or is curved, how much it is curved. So all these concerns are taken up from there and then using technical expertise, using the observation skills, what you have evaluated from the patient. All the data is collected and probably the patient is referred by doctor who has a certain requirement. All those are pooled into this particular image and then we bend in the required changes," said Syed.

"Doctors had analyzed my foot he was asking so many questions about my feet whether I get the pain on the right side of the heel, he even twisted my feet and even did the gate analysis, I walked and through the mirror he was seeing my positions of the feet and where I was putting more pressure also. So that's how he did the analysis and after that I was suggested a footwear. So after that I felt more stable and I think my heel is also getting more support after I wear this footwear," said Swagatika, a patient.

These scientifically designed footwear not only distribute the pressure but also offer support and corrects one's posture.

Not only shoes, there are also slip-ons which can be slipped into one's normal shoes. The diabetic socks and vascular socks help the patients protect themselves from the ulcers. This footwear has also helped a athletes and sports persons. (ANI)

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