Dubai police call on Interpol to help arrest Mossad head for Hamas commander murder

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Dubai, Feb 19(ANI): Dubai Police is seeking the help of Interpol to arrest the head of the Mossad for alleged involvement in the killing of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh last month.his was stated by Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai's police chief, who called for "a red notice against the head of Mossad ... as a killer in case Mossad is proved to be behind the crime, which is likely now".

Mabhouh was found dead in a hotel room on January 20.

According to one report he was killed by a female assassin who entered his room by posing as a member of hotel staff, injected him with a drug that induced a heart attack and hung a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.

However, certain other reports claim that he was strangled, probably after receiving an electric shock.

Hamas, the Islamist group that controls Gaza, blamed Israel's Mossad intelligence service for the killing.

International pressure intensified against Israel's spy service as official "wanted" notices were released for the suspected team of Israeli secret agents accused of participating in the assassination.

The faces of an 11-strong alleged hit squad appeared on the Interpol website on Friday morning, 48 hours after authorities in the United Arab Emirates issued arrest warrants for the killing.

The red wanted notices are not international arrest warrants, but allow details of fugitives to be released worldwide with the request that the wanted person be arrested and extradited.

Tamim said that the Dubai authorities were virtually certain that Mossad was behind the assassination of Mabhouh, as the incident threatened to turn into a diplomatic row between Israel and Britain over the use of false British passports.

"Our investigations reveal that Mossad is involved in the murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. It is 99 percent, if not 100 percent, that Mossad is standing behind the murder," The Guardian quoted Tamim, as having told the National newspaper in the United Arab Emirates. (ANI)

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