Future of Formula One might be Batmobile-like car

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London, Feb 17 (ANI): The future of Formula One might be a Batmobile-like creation called Delta Wing, which is being seriously considered as the model for a new Indycar formula starting in 2012.

According to The Sun, the world's second most important single-seater series is desperate for a unique and radical new look to reinvigorate the racing, attract new fans and win back lost supporters.

Delta Wing has the support of most Indycar teams, including the Chip Ganassi Racing squad of Britain's reigning champion Dario Franchitti.

Speculations are rife that if the car turns out to be a hit, it could be copied by Formula One.

The super-streamlined car, which has enclosed wheels and no aerodynamic appendages, will be capable of topping 235mph at the Indianapolis 500.

Its reduced drag and light weight means it will only need a small four-cylinder 300 horsepower engine to propel it to such speeds, making it leaner and greener than the current conventional Indycars.

Yet, safety will be enhanced as the risk of cars getting airborne through interlocking wheels will be reduced.

Overtaking should be easier as racers will not be trapped by turbulence caused by the wings of the car in front.

"The biggest resistance in an Indycar is the drag of the exposed wheels," Delta Wing designer Ben Bowlby said.

"At Indianapolis, 54 per cent of the drag is from the wheels. By fairing them there is a huge efficiency improvement," he said.

"Today's car is an aerodynamic brick with a huge engine that spends its life burning fuel and components," he said.

"It just shows how inefficient today's cars are - and that's not surprising because the regulations have mandated inefficiency for decades," he added.

"If this car had 500 horsepower, it would run 270mph around Indy," he added. (ANI)

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