Coming soon: Sensor that locates missing coffee mug

Posted By: Staff
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Melbourne, Feb 12 (ANI): Tiny sensors are being developed that can locate wandering objects, say Australian scientists.

According to CSIRO research engineer Phil Valencia, the sensors can also be programmed to measure more than location.

Known as FLECK Nano, the sensors are small enough to be attached to a wide range of objects, reports ABC Science.

"We've developed interfaces for various sensors such as humidity and temperature, accelerometers for sort of tracking motion and things like that as well as other little things for controlling power outlets and stuff like that," says Valencia.

"So it really just depends on what the object is that you're interested in and then you want to pick sensors that make sense for that particular object"

Valencia says the technology could be used to solve the mystery of migrating coffee mugs.

"I have a coffee mug for example which is sensored with a temperature sensor and an accelerometer to track the coffee mug where it's going through the office," he says. "So if I leave it anywhere I can find where it is and I can also find out the temperature of my coffee." (ANI)

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