Restricting food, drink during labour doesn't offer any benefits

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Washington, Feb 3 (ANI): A new study has revealed that restricting food and fluids for women during labour doesn't offer any benefits.

Dr. Joan Tranmer of the Queen's School of Nursing insists no convincing evidence was found.

The restriction is thought to prevent Mendelson's syndrome (named after work by Dr. Carl Mendelson), a rare, but sometimes fatal, condition caused by regurgitation of acidic stomach contents into the lungs when a general anaesthetic is given.

"With medical advances over the past 60 years, including the increase use of epidural anesthesia, we thought it was time to question the widespread ban on food and drink now that we are in the 2000s," said Tranmer.

"The use of general anesthesia during C-sections is low. And even when used, the techniques have improved since the 1940s, so the risk of maternal death or illness is very, very low," Tranmer said.

"The food and fluid restriction can be stressful and uncomfortable for some pregnant women, especially for those who are in labour for more than 12 hours and unable to eat.

"Instead of eating ice chips, a snack can provide some nourishment, comfort and much needed energy," Tranmer added. (ANI)

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