Dubai prince Maktoum's 'secret bride' seeks asylum in Britain

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London, Jan 24(ANI): An Arab socialite, who had a "secret marriage" with Dubai prince Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum in London, is applying for asylum in Britain, saying that she fears for her life.

Nivin el-Gamal, an interior designer and model, also revealed that she has a one-year-old son by Maktoum, a billionaire member of the ruling family of Dubai, and the chairman of the Emirates Airline.

However, she has called in Scotland Yard over claims that her phone is being monitored and she is being followed, photographed by private detectives.

"I have been followed in the street and photographed everywhere I go. I feel like my life is a movie," The Times quoted Gamal, as saying.

The 33-year-old said that she had decided to speak out about her seven- year relationship with Maktoum because she wanted to highlight her concern for the welfare of her son, Saeed.

He was hospitalized last week and she claims her efforts to speak to Maktoum about her fears have so far been unsuccessful.

Gamal said she wanted to draw attention to the fact she had sent Maktoum numerous text messages to alert him to her son's condition and asked for help in paying for private treatment. She claims she has yet to hear directly from him.

The asylum claim in which Gamal discloses full details of their sometimes-fiery relationship poses a political dilemma for the Home Office, as the sheikh has a diplomatic status in the UK. (ANI)

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