The Brit mum who sniffed 12 cans of lighter fuel a day in front of her kids

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London, January 22 (ANI): A British mother has admitted that she used to sniff cans of lighter fuel in front of her kids.

Sindy confessed her addiction to lighter gas and alcohol on ITV1's Jeremy Kyle Show.

A pre-recorded footage of Sindy at her home was also screened on the show.

It showed her holding a can of gas while talking to the show's psychiatrist.

However, the camera panned away when she inhaled but the sound could be heard.

"I've been doing it for twenty years. I buy in bulk twelve cans at a time. Without it I get very aggressive. It chills me out," the Sun quoted Sindy as saying.

She added: "I get really bad headaches and lumps on and inside my head that come and go that might explode."

Her son Aaron, who was also present in the show, said: "She would drink ten cans, fall asleep, then wake up and start drinking again.

"I wouldn't say she's a mum. I'm embarrassed to say she's my mother. She doesn't clean or cook, she's not capable of doing anything."

Also, Sindy's daughter Stacey wept seeing her mother pledge on stage she would change her ways. (ANI)

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