What astronauts should eat in space

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London, January 19 (ANI): A new book, titled "The Astronaut's Cookbook," features recipes for food that astronauts should have while in space.

According to New Scientist, the authors of the book are Charles Bourland, a retired NASA food scientist, and Gregory Vog.

A first of its kind, this unique book is a mix of NASA lore, legend, diet information, and space food facts, and includes favorite recipes of astronauts obtained by the authors.

Charles Bourland, the author, has many years of experience in NASA food technology programs and has tried to make these recipes as authentic as possible.

The book provides special sections that tell about the Russian space food program and show how to grow your own mission food, namely, vegetables.

It features interesting information as well, like the reason why tortillas have replaced bread in space.

Bread means crumbs, and in zero gravity, they become air pollution - not just messy, but inhaled into astronauts' lungs.

Also, powdered milk is preferred over fresh milk as the latter is heavy and goes off quickly, whereas the former flies.

As for fresh fruit in space, astronauts crave it, but ripening fruit is metabolically active, and gives off odours; so the entire craft smells.

That's why some shuttle captains have even said, "no bananas on my flight".

As for the Russian cosmonauts who have shared the International Space Station (ISS) with Americans, their favourite fresh foods are onions and garlic, which "have a divisive effect on the crew". (ANI)

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