US envoy commemorates Martin Luther King Junior

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New Delhi, Jan.18 (ANI): As the United States today commemorates the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., United States Ambassador Timothy J. Roemer noted the debt of gratitude Americans owe not only to Dr. King but also to Gandhiji, as Dr. King and other leaders of the civil rights movement drew on Gandhi's ideas to transform American society.

The Ambassador said, "The debt Americans owe Gandhji can never be re-paid. There is an unbroken line stretching from Gandhiji to Dr. King to President Obama which promises a brighter future for all our children in societies where whatever they can dream can become real."

As President Obama said in his proclamation to the people of the United States, " Today, we are closer to fulfilling America's promise of economic and social justice because we stand on the shoulders of giants like Dr. King, yet our future progress will depend on how we prepare our next generation of leaders. We must fortify their ladders of opportunity by correcting social injustice, breaking the cycle of poverty in struggling communities, and reinvesting in our schools. Education can unlock a child's potential and remains our strongest weapon against injustice and inequality. Dr. King devoted his life to serving others, and his message transcends national borders. The devastating earthquake in Haiti, and the urgent need for humanitarian support, reminds us that our service and generosity of spirit must also extend beyond our immediate communities.

By lifting up our brothers and sisters through dedication and service -- both at home and around the world -- we honor Dr. King's memory and reaffirm our common humanity." (ANI)

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