How to achieve a long and satisfying life

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Washington, Dec 31 (ANI): A new book, called 'Successful Cognitive and Emotional Aging', could be the key to know how one achieves a long and satisfying life.

Published by American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc., the book's focus is on success in cognitive and emotional realms of aging - a compelling topic in a society where baby boomers are poised to enter their golden years.

Dr. Dilip Jeste and his colleague Dr. Colin Depp from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine edited the book.

With topics ranging from molecules and genes to social relationships and spirituality, the authors have compiled a collection of essays from foremost experts on behavioural and psychosocial aspect of aging, as well as prevention and intervention strategies.

In the book's overview, they have pointed out that two-thirds of all people in the entire history of the word who lived to be age 65 are alive today.

Yet, media attention regarding the "age crisis" often overshadows the real and positive strides made in extending the human life and health span over the past 100 years.

Along with society's need to understand and treat pathological aging - such as identifying the onset of Alzheimer's disease - another group of doctors and researchers are working to differentiates "successful" from "normal" aging.

"Our review suggests that older adults tend to place more importance on cognitive and emotional qualities such as having a positive attitude or being socially engaged than on physical aspects of aging," said Jeste.

"Therefore, opportunities to enhance the health of an aging global population through cognitive and emotional interventions are both immense and challenging," he added.

Such strategies might include physical activity, dietary recommendations and pharmacotherapy, and the book summarizes evidence for both traditional and nontraditional approaches to cognitive stimulation and interventions.

Importantly, it stresses the importance of positive emotions, the role of spirituality and accumulated wisdom in achieving successful aging.

"It is our sincere hope that, with much left to know, this book will convince its readers that there is a rapidly developing and scientifically sound basis for optimism about growing older," said Jeste. (ANI)

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