How your own house can be the cause of cancer

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Sydney, Dec 13 (ANI): Homes in Australia abound in toxic chemicals and other products that are believed to cause cancers and/or lead to reproductive damage and learning disabilities.

Environmental scientist and National Toxics Network co-ordinator Jo Immig pointed out that almost everything from carpets to computers contained toxins that could cause serious illness, especially among children.

She came across perfluorochemicals in stain resistant chemicals in carpets, upholstery and some clothing, which are may cause cancer and harm pregnant women.

Brominated flame retardants were found in electrical devices like computers and televisions, which have carcinogenic properties and may lead to reproductive damage.

Lead was found in old paint in many houses and children's toys. It may cause learning disabilities and behavioural disorders.

Also, triclosan was discovered in "antibacterial" products like wipes, shower curtains and even toothpaste. Triclosan may lead to hormonal abnormalities and a weakening of the immune system.

"We need to tighten up our national standard.... Currently, the regulator is a toothless tiger. It does not have the power to do anything. The Government is taking the approach where they are leaving it up to the market to self-regulate and we are the guinea pigs. It is outrageous that people need a PhD in chemistry before they can buy a product," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Immig, as saying.

She pointed out that today's children have "much higher" levels of such toxic chemicals in their systems than their grandparents.

"In some instances, they are born with those chemicals in their bodies because their parents are living in a soup of those chemicals before they are even conceived," Immig added. (ANI)

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