Oz provincial govt. allows culling of thirsty camels terrorising desert town

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Melbourne, Nov 26 (ANI): Australia's Northern Territory government has allowed the killing of thousands of thirsty, marauding camels threatening residents and destroying water mains in the central part of the country.

In the past month, up to 6000 feral camels have invaded Docker River, a community 500km southwest of Alice Springs, in search of water.

They have torn up mains, sewerage pipes and even taken water from the top of air-conditioning units, The Australian reports.

The Northern Territory government on Wednesday announced 49,000 dollars in emergency funding for a cull.

In coming days, helicopters will be used to herd the animals' 15km outside the town, where they will be shot and left to decay in the desert.

Local Government Minister Rob Knight said the situation had become critical.

"The community of Docker River is under siege by 6000 marauding, wild camels. This is a significant community - some 350 people - where they've actually come (in), smashing infrastructure," he said.

The MacDonnell Shire Council chief executive, Graham Taylor, said the town's water supply was at risk of contamination and there were already some carcasses in the wells.

"Water supplies are being broken and damaged, sewers are getting trampled and crushed, the airport is virtually unusable."

He said the invasion had traumatised residents, who were afraid to leave their homes.

"We are concerned really about . . . children running around and wanting to play with the camels," Taylor said. (ANI)

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