Brit woman cheated by boyfriend 53 times now exposes love rats online

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London, Nov 24 (ANI): A Brit woman, who was cheated by her lover, decided to teach him and other love rats a lesson by starting a website where they could be exposed.

Sally Cornock, 42, from Deal in Kent, found out that the man she was dating was seeing 53 other women as well, but after she dumped him she had a string of encounters with other love rats she met online.

After talking with several women she found that she was not the only one who had been cheated on, and so she decided to start a website on which information about love rats could be posted.

"Talking to other women made me realise I wasn't the only one who wished I'd been able to steer clear of heartache by checking blokes out before I met them. I wanted to create a place where singles could do that," the Sun quoted Cornock as saying.

So she started Internet site, which went live in January this year, and is now so popular that it receives nearly 5,000 hits a month.

The site is free to join and on it disgruntled daters can name and shame the men and women who have mucked them about - and post warnings about them.

"If you're thinking of going on a date with someone or are suspicious about a person you have met online, you can use the site to check them out," she said.

"By entering specific details, like the online dating username or home town of someone you are suspicious about, you can search the site for evidence that they really are a love rat.

"There's a small charge of 1.50 pounds to post a story and you can then add your own comments and email the other people who have dated them. Love rats even have the right to reply if they are brave enough..." she explained.

Members are an even number of both sexes and Cornock also has plans to launch a search service where daters can check public records to see if a person they have met online is genuine.

Cornock knows there are plenty of love rats still out there, but despite everything she remains optimistic that one day she'll find her Mr Right among all the rats.

"I know there are decent men left out there and they're not all bad. Hopefully one day I'll find the man of my dreams," she said.

"But in the meantime the details of any more men who muck me about are going straight on to Loveratsinc!" she added. (ANI)

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