Margaret Thatcher not dead, but moggy 'Thatcher' is!

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London, Nov 14 (ANI): A text message, which stated, "Thatcher has died", is said to have sparked off a diplomatic flurry among members of Canada's parliament.

Stephen Harper, Canada's conservative prime minister, received the news that Baroness Thatcher, 84, had passed away via mobile or Blackberry at a soiree honouring Canadian military families on November 10.

According to CanWest News Service, upon receiving the news some 2,000 shocked Conservatives and their advisors reportedly huddled to discuss a reaction.

But before sending any condolence message, the prime minister's office decided to call Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street to confirm that Lady Thatcher had indeed passed away, leaving British officials baffled.

It turned out that the Baroness was very much alive and that transport minister John Baird had sent the message, from his home in Toronto to a person at the gala dinner, informing of the death of his beloved 16-year-old gray tabby cat, named for Lady Thatcher.

The message was however forwarded to others by the recipient.

Dimitri Soudas, an aide, was already preparing an official statement mourning the loss of the Iron Lady when news came from London that she was very much alive.

"If the cat wasn't dead, I'd have killed it by now," the Telegraph quoted Soudas as reportedly having said of the 16-year-old grey tabby. (ANI)

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