New Pak women harassment law pegs three-year jail, Rs 500,000 fine for violators

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Islamabad, Nov.5 (ANI): The Pakistan Parliament has passed a legislation against harassment of women at any public or private workplace.

The bill, which was moved by former Information Minister Sherry Rehman, was passed by the House unanimously, however, some lawmakers across party lines expressed concern over the legislation saying it can be misused.

They stressed that the bill should be implemented properly so that it benefits the needy ones the most.

According to the new law, whoever makes "sexual advances or demands sexual favours or uses verbal or non-verbal communication or physical conduct of a sexual nature which intends to annoy, insult, intimidate or threaten the other person, or commits such acts at the workplace, or makes submission to such conduct - either explicitly or implicitly- shall be punished with imprisonment, which may extend to three years, or a fine of up to 500,000 rupees or both,"

The new legislation covers public places like shopping areas, public transport, streets or parks and private places like workplaces, private gatherings and homes under its jurisdiction, The Daily Times reports.

It describes workplace as 'the place of work or the premises where an organisation or employer operates, this may be a specific building, factory, open area or a large geographical area where the activities of the organisation are carried out.' (ANI)

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