Miniature boats with lighted lamps illuminate a holy pond in Orissa

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Bhubaneswar Nov 4 (ANI): Hundreds of people sail their miniature boats with lighted earthen lamps in holy Vindusagar pond in Bhubaneswar on the occasion Kartik Purnima or Full Moon Day.

During the ceremony, which brings back the memories of the state's glorious maritime past, people float miniature boats with lamps burning inside and with other religious offerings in them.

Locals claims that this tradition has been followed since ages when Sadhabas or sea traders used to sail to different countries for trade.

"Since ages this tradition has been followed. As per mythology, the Sadhabas (ancient mariners) used to start their voyage from today. And their wives used to send them after offering prayers. Their voyage used to start from this day. Thus this day is considered very auspicious here and is celebrated, " said Rojalin Das, a resident.

The Full Moon Day was the day the ancient traders used to embark on sea voyages to the countries like Bali, Java and Sumatra Islands.

The traders of Orissa had established colonies in these islands for business and commercial purpose.

The days of maritime are long gone but the memories are still alive. Locals say that this is the way to revive the old tradition and to make the new generation aware of the maritime past of Orissa.

Theys also believe that by following this ritual people's sins are washed away or their impact is lessened.

"People think that if they continue with this tradition then if they had committed any sinful task, its impact would be less or sins would be washed away, " said Sanjay Dasgupta, another resident.

On the day of Kartik Purnima people come to the lord Lingraj temple to offer prayers to Hindu Lord Shiva and then they float boats in the pond attached to the temple. (ANI)

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