Stressed Oz housewives turning to cocaine

Posted By: Staff
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Melbourne, Nov 1 (ANI): Stressed-out middle class housewives in Australia have become regular cocaine users, reveals a new report.

According to the report by Queensland's Crime and Misconduct Commission on illicit drugs, cocaine use "is more prevalent over a wider range of demographics".

A police source said cocaine is no longer a wealthy socialite's drug and is being widely embraced by middle class people.

"More people are using it, but the more affluent can afford to use it more often," the Daily Telegraph quoted a police source as telling The Sunday Mail.

Intelligence director Chris Keen confirms that well-off middle classes are turning to the cocaine to "power them up" over hectic weekends.

"Sadly there is less stigma now associated with drug-taking. Recreational drug use has become very normalised," said Keen.

"Cocaine is no longer reserved for millionaires and rock stars," he added.

Drug Arm counsellor Richard Norman said it was no surprise that cocaine is becoming more accepted in the suburbs.

"I could see how stressed-out, middle-class housewives would single out cocaine to help them perform better at work, look after a family and house and still have the energy to party," he said.

"While cocaine is expensive, it is not out of reach for the middle classes with two incomes," he added. (ANI)

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