Cherie Blair calls for humane treatment of widows globally

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New Delhi, Oct 27 (ANI): Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, on Tuesday said that the society must consider the plight of widows and suggested that their social concerns need to be addressed in right earnest.

Cherie, who is currently on a brief visit to India, expressed her views while speaking at an event held at Sanskriti School in New Delhi.

She is president of the Loomba Trust, which was founded by Raj Loomba, a British industrialist of Indian origin with am aim to alleviate the plight of widows and their children.

At the Sanskriti School, Cherie inaugurated a Children's Art Exhibition on Peace, Non-Violence, Tolerance and Compassion and also took part in the prize distribution ceremony.

Later in her address, she mentioned that the plight of widows is a global anguish and the entire society must act in unison to mitigate the worries of the hapless women.

"There is no country in the world where women and girls are treated as truly equal to men. And that is still a cause that we have to aspire to and fight for. I think the widows in many ways exemplify that particular problem of women forced to fend for themselves in a man's world.

"Because of the particular cultural views about widows in Indian society, they are particularly disadvantaged. But I don't want you think that widows are only an Indian problem, they are not even a problem in Asia the plight of widows is an international one," Cherie said.

She further noted that the main aim of the Loomba Trust is to get UN recognition for June 23 as the International Widows Day and a global campaign is on to this end.

The Loomba Trust believes that a recognition by the UN would transform the outlook for disadvantaged widows and their dependents the world over.

Cherie said that India's support to the campaign will highlight the plight of widows across the world.

"We hope with the help of the Government of India who is supporting this campaign, with the hope of many other governments to highlight the plight of widows across the world," Cherie said.

There are more than 35 million widows estimated in India, many of whom suffer dreadful prejudice and discrimination.

The Loomba Trust educates over 3,000 children of poor widows in India out of which 100 are from Delhi. The Loomba Trust now wishes to expand its activities and extend the benefits to an additional number of 1000. (ANI)

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