Aerobic exercise can keep older adults' hearts healthy

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Washington, October 26 (ANI): Older adults with type 2 diabetes can improve the elasticity in their arteries and reduce risk of heart disease and stroke with aerobic exercise, a study has found.

Dr. Kenneth Madden, a geriatric specialist at the University of British Columbia, examined how increased activity might affect stiffness of the arteries.

Speaking at the 2009 Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, co-hosted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, the expert said: "The theory is that aerobic activity makes your arteries less stiff and makes artery walls more elastic."

Dr. Madden added: "There was an impressive drop in arterial stiffness after just three months of exercise. In that time we saw a 15 to 20 per cent reduction."

Dr. Beth Abramson, spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, further laid stress on the significance of lifestyle factors on heart health, especially in concern with the aging population.

Dr. Abramson suggested: "Almost everyone can benefit from active living. The Foundation recommends that, like adults of any age, older adults - with the consent of their physicians - need 30 to 60 minutes of moderate activity most days of the week." (ANI)

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