Poe, the 80.8in-tall Clydesdale, may be world's tallest horse!

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London, Sep 30 (ANI): A farm horse that is 80.8ins tall is said to be in the running for a Guinness world record for his height, beating reining champ Remington, who stands at 80in.

Poe, a Clydesdale horse, has made his owner Shereen Thompson proud, and she just can't wait to get him officially declared as the tallest horse.

"We want to get the Guinness guys here as soon as possible," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"Poe is 20.2 hands and I know that Remington is 80 inches tall, so that means that Poe has him beat.

"We have known for a while that he could be the tallest horse in the world, we just need to get the official documents that the people in London want to see," she said.

Named after the famous author Edgar Allen Poe, the ten-year-old horse spends his time running around Thompson's modest farm in Ontario, in the US.

"We take him to fairs across Lambton County," the farmer said.

"He is extremely popular, but his size always means people keep a cautious distance from him," she explained.

Poe was brought in to the farm after a farmer pal of Thompson's began to struggle with his huge frame.

"Poe is actually a rescue animal," she revealed.

"There is a much larger farm down the road and I heard that the owner there was having problems with his Clydesdale.

"It was not a case of neglect, just ignorance of how much is needed to feed a horse of this size," she stated.

And Thompson says Poe will soon be getting even taller.

"At the moment he is 80.08 inches, but he had to have his hooves filed down. When they re-grow he could top out at over six feet eight, without shoes," she added. (ANI)

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