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Bangalore, Sept 15 (ANI/Business Wire India): Medizen Labs, a Nutraceutical company, based in India, has launched ImmuZenT range of natural supplements to boost immunity and help build natural defense against pandemic virulent attacks.

Medizen Labs has tied up exclusively with for ImmuZenT range of products.

ImmuZenT has limited its product portfolio to two immunity boosters viz,. Colostrum and Probiotics.

Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced by all mammals during the first 24-48 hours after giving birth.

In order to maintain a healthy immune system, the body needs immune-building antibodies, known as Immunoglobulins (IgG).

Bovine colostrum is produced by a female cow, and is the best known source of IgG. Colostrum is high in protein and antibodies, and has no known side effects.

Probiotics (also known as good bacteria) provide immune support by protecting against "harmful" bacteria that may contribute to poor health.

While the low pH of the stomach is usually enough to combat any potentially harmful organisms that enter the body, good bacteria provide "back-up support" by secreting antimicrobial substances that are toxic to pathogenic bacteria. They also help prevent their overgrowth by crowding them out.

Mamtha of Medizen Labs said, "A healthy immune system is our only real defense against all the bacterial, viral and fungal organisms in our environment. It is best to have responsive and efficient immune system at the earliest exposure to the virus. By improving our lifestyle, our diet, and supplementing with natural products, we can improve our immune system and our overall vitality." (ANI)

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