Descendents of Ravana perform his last rites in Jodhpur

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Jodhpur, Sep 15 (ANI): Members of Mudgal Gotra (clan) dave families, claiming to be descendents of the powerful demon king Ravana offered 'Pind Daan' as a part of the homage to departed souls, observed during the fortnight named Pitra Paksha at a temple dedicated to him in Jodhpur.

The Dave Brahmins of Mudgal Gotra in residing in the region of Jodhpur and Mandor said that they are the descendants of Ravana.

From time immemorial, members of the Mudgal Dave community have been performing the ritual of 'Pind Daan' for Ravana.

"On the tenth day of Shraddha, we perform last rites of Ravana. We take a dip in the pond. Then we come to the temple and prepare food offering...then we feed 21 Brahmins as a part of ritual," said Guru Prasad Dave, a member of Mudgal Gotra Dave family.

The Mudgal Daves hail Ravana and eulogies his scholarly wisdom such as his devotion to Lord Shiva, mastery over vedas, music and performing arts.

"Ravana was a great scholar, he was well versed in many disciplines including vedas and astrology, music...he was the master of planets...all deities used to act according to his plan," opined Ajay Dave, another member of Mudgal Gotra Dave family..

It is also said that after Ravana's capital Lanka was devastated in the battle with Lord Rama, many of his descendents and subjects travelled to Mandore, considered a haven as it was the earlier home of their queen Mandodari.

Some of the descendents of Ravana also migrated to Gujarat's Jamanagar, Bhuj and Kutch areas About 200 families, believed to be descendents of Ravana and from Mudgal Gotra, still live in Jodhpur. (ANI)

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