Mass cemetery unearthed by archaeologists in Syria

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London, September 14 (ANI): Archaeologists have unearthed a mass cemetery carved in rocks near al-Basel Hospital in Syria.

According to the Global Arab Network, archaeologists at the Syrian Department of Antiquities in Tartous discovered the graveyard.

"The cemetery consists of 7 rooms including burial chambers with some bodies inside. There were no findings or any clay or bone fragments in those chambers," said Marwan Hassan, Director of the Department.

A hole discovered in the western wall of the cemetery, was thought to be a passage to a small hall.

Another hole, opposite to this one, was found in the eastern wall leading to another hall which includes two rooms and a solo tomb.

Three vessels, two small golden pieces and clay lamp were also discovered inside the tomb.

A room was unearthed in the southern wall of the first hall, inside which a highly constructed basalt sarcophagus was found.

This sarcophagus takes a human shape, consisting of a basin, a lid and a protuberant shelf all around the edges of the basin.

A human face was engraved on the sarcophagus lid with a decorated head cover under which curly hair shows up partly.

The forehead appears with a sunken line, signaling the old age of the dead person. Under the thin eyebrows, almond eyes and long straight nose reveal themselves clearly.

Pruned mustaches and a neatly trimmed and wavy beard surround the mouth, and both ears are distinctly located on both sides of the head.

The body status appears undecorated.

The sarcophagus was transported to the National Museum.

Archeologists at the directorate are working on identifying the age of the cemetery and studying its contents, including a crumbled skeleton. (ANI)

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