Cyber security and laws, a draw among youth in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad, Sep 13 (ANI): An increasing number of students are drawn to learn cyber security as they foresee a bright future in this upcoming field.

With information technology (IT) gaining popularity the security of data compiled, stored and transmitted is of utmost import.

According to a study, the requirement of employees to prevent cyber crimes in India is higher in India than other countries.

Therefore many students in the 'Cyberabad,' another name for Hyderabad, have started opting cyber security as a course to be a professional in the field.

Presently, cyber security has good prospect in the job market.

"E-commerce has made a very huge impact in every country's economy. So whenever you use Internet, you need security. It is a very booming and open market that is going to be coming in few days," said Vikram, a student of cyber security.

The IT world is today faced with problems like spams, viruses and worms. Besides cyber terrorism and cyber warfare are the latest trends of nuisance, reportedly increasing at a rapid pace. It is felt that a proper cyber infrastructure is needed to combat all these problems.

Certainly, Zaki Qureshi, a software professional, has come forth to ensure Cyber Security by teaching various aspects to prevent cyber crime.

Qureshi, 38, IT expert feels that the government must take a pro-active role in ensuing foolproof cyber security.

"The government should take a serious initiative on awareness, training technology transfer and then we can call it as security development. I mean to say, you have to have a proper infrastructure in place. For all these, it takes a long time. It's not a one-day or a two-day initiative. It will probably take half a decade," said Zaki Qureshi, a software professional and an expert in cyber security.

Cyber security is very important to protect the IT services in corporate establishments, government organisations as well as the ones used by the general public.

Unfortunately, cyber security in India is yet to pick up among the IT users, said Qureshi. By, Jyoti. N (ANI)

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