Musharraf relaxed after resurfacing of scandal involving Nawaz

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London, Sep 1 (ANI): The resurfacing of the 20-year-old scandal of Nawaz Sharif accepting millions from the ISI for political shenanigans has thrown a fresh lifeline to besieged former President Pervez Musharraf, who feels that now the PML-N chief could end up in a dock for committing a crime against democracy.

A top aide of Musharraf disclosed that he strongly believes that those who were clamouring for his trial under Article 6 must also demand a similar course for three retired Army generals - General Aslam Baig, General Hameed Gul and General Asad Durrani, who distributed millions of rupees among politicians like Nawaz Sharif, "as it equally amounted to high treason."

The aide insisted that Musharraf believed "that it had resurfaced at a time when Nawaz was acting all-holy and pious as if he was the only honest politician left in Pakistan who did not have any blot on his character."

But now, it has turned out to be otherwise, as the only twice-elected Prime Minister of Pakistan who had been taking money from the ISI along with his fellow politicians now sitting in the ranks of the PML-N, the aide added.

Musharraf was made to believe that this scam would not only hurt Nawaz's credibility but would also greatly neutralize the feeling of people of Pakistan who thought only he (Musharraf) was responsible for all the ills of the country, The News reported.

The aide said, "We must realize that it's something totally new for the new generation of Pakistan which grew after 1988 and now they were helplessly watching the fall of their hero Nawaz who is not ready to even give any justification to people for this crime."

Against this background, the aide said, General Musharraf who was under fire from PML-N circles quite recently, was now said to be feeling relaxed after the resurfacing of the scandal.

A greatly relieved Musharraf was told to have asked his political supporters in Pakistan to highlight this new scandalous aspect of Nawaz's personality as to how he had been accepting money despite the fact that he was a billionaire. (ANI)

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