Woman raped by US Fritzl 33yrs ago says she's relieved he's behind bars

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London, Aug 31 (ANI): A woman who was raped by 'American Fritzl' Phillip Garrido 33 years ago says she is relieved that the 'monster' is behind bars again.

Katherine Callaway, 58, had an encounter with Garrido in 1976 when he handcuffed and gagged her, reports the Sun.

He drove the casino worker, 25 at the time, to a Lake Tahoe warehouse with a 'rape room' filled with porn, sex toys, a film projector and wine.

A Nevada cop heard her yelling as he investigated his Californian plates.

Garrido served just 11 years of a 50-year sentence at Leavenworth Jail, Kansas.

Now, Katherine says that she's 'overwhelmingly relieved' that Garrido is in jail again.

A detective involved in her case said Garrido should have been 'locked up forever'. (ANI)

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