'American Fritzl' Garrido's arrest was led by women's intuition, say cops

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London, August 30 (ANI): The two policewomen who finally arrested 'American Fritzl' Phillip Garrido, for holding a girl as sex slave with his wife Nancy for 18 years, have revealed that their suspicions were raised by "women's intuition".

Ally Jacobs and Lisa Campbell said that they became suspicious after being approached by Garrido at the University Of California, to seek permission to hold a religious event there.

They revealed that accompanying Garrido were two "robotic" little girls he fathered with his victim Jaycee Lee Dugard.

Ally recalled that the girls were pale, as if starved of light, and extremely submissive.

What particularly disturbed her was the way the girls dressed and acted, said the cop.

"I can best describe it as they were dressed monochrome. It was almost like Little House On The Prairie," the News of the World quoted her as saying.

"They were like robots. The young one wouldn't move and had this eerie smile and the older one had very rehearsed answers and she didn't very much like talking to us," she added.

Ally further revealed that one of Garrido's daughters even told them that there was a third girl living at his house.

The cop said: "The younger daughter told me, 'We have an older sister aged 28.' The older daughter said, without missing a beat, '29'. And she seemed bothered that was even mentioned."

Ally said that she and Lisa were certain that the little girl was talking about Jaycee.

She revealed that she even asked the younger daughter about a "tumour- like" bump under her brow, fearing that it could be a sign of child abuse.

She recalled: "She immediately replied with this very rehearsed response, 'It's a birth defect, inoperable, I will have it for the rest of my life.' I'm a mother. I have two young sons and this is when my police mode turned into my mother's mode, kind of mother's intuition."

Ally and Lisa said that they asked Garrido to return the next day, so that they would get some time to check his records.

Upon investigation, the cop duo found Garrido to be a registered sex offender on parole for kidnap and rape.

Recalling a discussion with Garrido's parole officer, Ally said: "He stopped me when I said he brought in his two daughters. He said, 'He doesn't have two daughters.' I felt sick."

The discovery finally led to Garrido and Nancy's arrests. (ANI)

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