Radio Pakistan unable to understand importance of Goddess Kali

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Abohar, Aug.24 (ANI): The Punjabi Durbar programme of Radio Pakistan has chosen to hurt the feelings of Hindus in border areas by calling the Goddess Kali as "bloodthirsty".

In its recent broadcast, Radio Pakistan said that Hindus sacrifice innocent lives to their Gods and Goddesses and described Kali, who fights evils in the world, as bloodthirsty.

The programme has surprised local residents and some temple priests in border villages. They say Radio Pakistan staff should educate themselves and learn that Goddesss Kali is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva. She took on the image of Kali to kill a demon.

"Goddess Parvati took a form of Goddess Kali when she got annoyed with the destruction caused by an demon Rakt-Beej. The Demon had a special power by which he could take rebirth whenever any drop of his blood falls on the soil. To kill this monster Goddess Parvati took the image of Goddess Kali and consumed every drop of blood so that no drop fell on soil" said Pappu Sharma, a priest at the Maa Kali temple.

People in the border villages feel that the broadcasts should not make casual remarks about Indian gods. People living in villages are quite religious-minded and any attempt to tarnish the image of Gods would make them angry.

Everyone knows presently Pakistan is faced with political turbulence, challenge from Taliban and fundamental forces. The U.S. is exerting pressure to take visible actions to root-out extremism.

Listeners on the Indian side of the border feel that, despite its own house lying in so much disorder, Pakistan is finding out nothing but throwing mud on feelings of people in India to create communal tensions. But will Radio Pakistan ever learn?. (ANI)

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