Best selling Brit author says Koran has 'no ethics'

Posted By: Staff
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London, Aug.23 (ANI): Best selling author Sebastian Faulks has courted controversy by saying the Koran has "no ethical dimension".

In an interview with today's Sunday Times Magazine, he added that the Islamic holy scripture was "a depressing book", was "very one-dimensional" and unlike the Christian New Testament had "no new plan for life".

Faulks was speaking in advance of the publication of his novel, A Week in December.

Best known for historical works such as Birdsong and Charlotte Gray, Faulks new novel addresses contemporary London. Its characters include a health fund manager, a literary critic and a Glasgow-born Islamic terrorist recruit.

Researching the latter, he read a translation of the Koran which he found "very disappointing from a literary point of view".

He also criticised the "barrenness" of the Koran's message and the teachings of the prophet Muhammad, especially when compared with the Bible.

"Jesus, unlike Muhammad, had interesting things to say," Faulks said. (ANI)

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