Ex- U.S. Governor's wife says his affair 5,000 miles away was unrealistic

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Washington, Aug.18 (ANI): South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's estranged wife Jenny has told the Vogue magazine that she never imagined her husband would travel 5,000 miles to keep his extra-marital affair with a South American alive.

"It never occurred to me that he would do something like that. The person I married was centered on a core of morals. The person who did this is not centered on those morals," Jenny Sanford said

"Everybody would like to escape sometimes. I'd like somebody 5,000 miles away I could E-mail. It's not exclusive to men, but I know that isn't realistic," Politico quoted her as saying further.

"Mark is not a bad person ... what the world saw in that press conference is someone who is struggling. None of us are perfect.We are all trying to do the best we can. I also feel sorry for the other woman ...All I can do is pray for her because she made some poor choices. Mark made some poor choices. A lot of people were brought down by this and I am sure that is not what they wanted," she said.

"All I can do is forgive. Reconciliation is something else, and that is going to be a harder road. I have put my heart and soul into being a good mother and wife. Now I think it's up to my husband to do the soul-searching to see if he wants to stay married. The ball is in his court," Jenny said. (ANI)

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