Devotees in Srinagar offered prayers to save Kashmir from swine flu

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Srinagar, Aug. 14 (ANI): Devotees celebrating Janmashtami in Srinagar offered special prayers to save Kashmir from the deadly H1N1 virus.

Large number of Kashmir Hindus converged at the temples here to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna on Friday.

"When Lord Krishna was born, he had eradicated all evils from the society and we pray that the swine flu threat also gets eradicated. A normal person should have a decent and a healthy life ahead," said Deepak Kakroo, a devotee.

With the increasing number of swine flu cases, the federal government has unveiled fresh measures to control the spread of disease by allowing private labs to conduct tests and private hospitals to provide treatment. Knighted

Prayers were also held on the occasion for peace to return in the valley.

"We prayed for peace and non-violence to return in the valley. What happened earlier should not repeat again. We also offered special prayers so that we get rid of swine flu as it has taken precious lives," observed Sanjay Saraf, another devotee, Srinagar.

Lord Krishna, the most adored god in Hindu pantheon, has been the focus of a large number of devotional cults, which over the centuries have produced a wealth of religious poetry, music, painting and sculpture.

However, Lord Krishna is more revered by Hindus since he orated Srimad Bhagwadgita known as the Song of Celestial Bliss.

The celebrations for the festival climax at the midnight hour when the Lord is believed to have taken birth.

Krishna's imprisoned parents had to smuggle out the child born at midnight to save him from Kansa, his evil uncle.

Thus Janmashtami or Gokulashtami is celebrated on two consecutive days, the first is the day when Krishna was actually born, and the second, when he reached Gokul. (ANI)

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