Tamil Nadu granny is 120-year-young!

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Kalampalayam (Tamil Nadu), Aug 7 (ANI): A 120-year-old woman refuses to age, living on her own literally. As young as her granddaughters, she gives credit to traditional food and conscious aversion to fast food.

Defying average life expectancy of 70 to 80 years, Somaiakka is alive and kicking at Kalampalayam village in Tamil Nadu. Her daily routine is fairly normal. Save for the wrinkles and the bend in her back that give away her age, she is as fit as her granddaughters for all practical purposes.

Living alone, she gets up early in the morning and does all the household chores from sweeping, to cleaning and cooking, all on her own.

She has never fallen ill, a wonder for which Somaiakka gives credit to her healthy diet and routine.

"I have not fallen sick so far. I used to eat only traditional food such as kali, ragi, wheat, maize and I never ate any kind of fast food. Nowadays people love such food and fall sick but I don't like to eat any such fast food," Somaiakka said.

Reading newspapers, watching television and going for a stroll in the village are some of Somaiakka's favourite past time.

"Our grandma is the eldest among all her brothers and sisters. Six of her siblings died and now only four of her sisters are alive including our grandma, who is now 120 years old and her other sisters, who are around 110 years old. She now has more than 70 grand children," said Amrawathy, Somaiakka's granddaughter.

With her strict lifestyle and everyday walks in the village, Somaiakka has set an example for others to emulate. By Jehovah .G (ANI)

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