Bhopal school gives extra marks for planting saplings

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Bhopal, Aug 7 (ANI): St. Mary Convent School in Bhopal has decided to give extra marks to students who plant saplings to create awareness about environment.

Around 200 students are now part of this mission christened as 'Matryee Chaav'or mother's shade. Students of standard 5th to 9th can avail extra marks based on a report submitted by them, providing details of saplings planted.

The school authorities feel that lure of extra marks will motivate students to plant more and more saplings, thus helping to build a cleaner environment.

"We will give five marks to students who will plant saplings. We are doing this to encourage students, as they are not aware of the benefits of planting saplings. However, we hope to bring change in the behaviour of kids so that they start loving the environment. When they start to plant saplings, they will develop love towards plants," said Father Anand Mudugal, director, 'Matryee Chaav'.

The school children are happy to be involved in this process of environment development.

"Recently, we have seen that many houses in many areas are experiencing shortage of water because of inadequate rainfall. Rains are not coming because of lack of plants. We are not having many plants to help in the process of rain. So we are planting sapling," said Sampasa Sirsay, a student.

Trees soak up vast amounts of planet-warming carbon dioxide and can act as a brake on climate change.

About 65 million hectares, or 20 percent of India's land, is under forest cover.

Under an emerging UN scheme called Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD), developing nations could potentially earn billions of dollars by setting aside and rehabilitating their forests. By Ramchandra Sahu (ANI)

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